Empowering Every Agent of Your Call Center to Become Multilingual........Instantly

  • Delight Your Multilingual Customers

  • Provide Enhanced CX 

  • Increase Your Brand Loyalty

  • Improve Your Operational Efficiencies

A simple, affordable, and practical solution to provide live-interpretation during a call, without a live interpreter.
  • By Anyone
  • Anywhere 
  • Anytime 
Perhaps, Blu is the only app currently available on the market that instantly provide Over  the Phone Interpretation in Real-Time, empowering your call center agents to have more engaging and meaningful experiences with you multilingual customers in customers' native languages.  
Blu, powered by AI/ML and other emerging technologies, is a revolutionary software that is tightly integrated with your agents' Genesys UI to instantly empower them to speak in the native languages of your multilingual customers  

Although Blu works out of the box, and it is industry and vertical agnostic, it can be easily customized to your specific needs and domain.  Please contact sales to learn more.    

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