Today’s modern enterprises’ workforce and customers are distributed globally and speak many languages, the costs of bringing them together and keeping them connected is rising and the productivity is declining.  


The current situation of the COVID 19 Pandemic has significantly increased the need for organizations to have remote working solutions that would offer engaging and meaningful experiences to their employees' working remotely, in order to increase the moral and the productivity of the employees. 

Our solution will make them feel as if they all, employees, employers, customers, were in ONE room and speak ONE language.  


By creating meaningful and more engaging experiences to communicate, collaborate, and innovate, our solution, TEXILA, will increase the productivity and reduce the costs for enterprises.       



TEXILA is a Cloud-Based SaaS, for the enterprises who are looking to take advantages of 5G networks and other emerging AR/VR technologies.


Our communication and collaboration solution, Texila, enables your globally distributed and multilingual workforce to communicate, collaborate, and innovate as they all were in one room and speak one language, increasing your businesses' productivity.   


The 4th. Industrial Revolution and the Digitization are transforming the landscaped of the businesses. Texila, a cloud based Unified Communication Solution, leverages the 5G networks and emerging AR/VR technologies. 


  • Cost Savings: Dramatically reduce the cost of training , meetings, and design thinking workshops

  • Increased Productivity:  By offering immersive experiential experiences and increased focus and retention. 

  • Ease of Use:  Blu, a virtual assistant,  makes using the system as  easy as dialing a phone call.


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