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What is Blu?  

Blu is AI-Powered, Cloud-Based SaaS, developed and maintained by Texila, Inc.  

Blu is a real-time translation solution that integrates directly with most telephony/collaboration platforms.  It allows for on-the-fly audio translations to and from several different languages.  Blu allows both parties to communicate in their native language without the need for a 3rd party interpreter

Is it only available to call centers?  

Blu currently available on the AppFoundry, a Genesys Marketplace.  Blu is tightly integrated with the Genesys call center software.  Contact Texila to find out more about customized solution for different verticals an industries.  

How much does it cost?  

Please go to AppFoundry to learn about pricing.  ​

Is there a Free Trial?  

Yes.  You organization can start with a no obligation go Free Trail.  You get 500 free minutes or One month for free, whichever happens first. 

What are the system requirements for Blu?  

  • Any current Microsoft Windows OS (Support for Mac, Linux, IOS and Android is coming soon)

  •  1GHz CPU (2Ghz dual core or higher is recommended)  

  •  2GB Ram

  •  50MB available disk space

What is the main reason Blu was built?  

Blu is designed to allow agents to set their default/preferred language.  When an agent or employee makes/receives a call they can set the Blu desktop client to immediately translate their spoken speech to another language.  

At the same time Blu will auto configure itself to intercept their incoming audio (from another language) and translate it back to their preferred language.  With a few seconds, an agent is seemingly able to speak another language.  

Our solution will empower each call center agent or employee with the ability to instantly converse with your customers or business partners in their native language over the phone.  


This provides an enhanced service experience and improves your business or brand’s image and public relations.  Additionally, it improves your call centers’ operational efficiencies, and gains international respect for being a trailblazer in its ability to serve its multilingual customers all around the world.


Do you need tech support or need to be tech savvy to use Blu?  

Not at all.  Blu can be deployed out-of-the-box with any CRM or Collaboration platform that supports allowing users to specify their input and listening device.  For specific details and enhanced integration capabilities with specific platforms, please contact Texila for more details.  

Please contact us directly for any custom models or any domain specific question
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