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Why Blu

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Our subscription model offer different plans for different needs of our clients:  Please see pricing.  

Cut down your over-the-phone Interpretation cost by 55% to 80%.  

There's a plan for everyone, starting from $0




Blu is compatible with all of your favorite PC apps and call center software, such as Genesys Cloud, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams, and many more.

Please note currently, our solution only works on PC based laptops and desktops, and only in Chrome browser.

Woman on her Laptop

Easy to Use

Once you have downloaded the software, Blu, on to your PC laptop or desktops, all it takes a few click to start using Blu with any of your everyday communication apps, without any codes or help from IT department.  

Customer Service


We understand one size does not fil all, that's why we offer enterprises bespoke solutions that will help them meet their organization objectives, specific to their business domain and terminology. 

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